Hans arriving in London

Well all packed up and ready to go.

It is a strange fact that someone in possession of a rail pass is in need of some luggage.  Despite knowing the date and detail of this trip for some months I still find myself in need of a new bag.  This is shaming. when you consider that we already have so many bags that we have had to have a store room built to accommodate them, and yet with less than 11 hours left before I set off I find that I do not posse the exact bag I need to transport the paperwork, cameras and clothes I need for the next few weeks. It appears that the more choices you have,  the more the bags you already have disappoint you.  It apears that the bag I have is ideal BUT the computer I have wont fit in it. New bag or new computer ? As Paul Simon said ” the nearer your destination the more you are  slip sliding away”