Busy day yestersay. we did a hop on hop off sort of excursion on the busses. This had the advantage of finding places by accident. We ended up standing outside Albert Camus’s house (is that grammar and spelling correct?) and then Voltaire’s which had been turned into a cafe.

Paris is heaving, and not with Parisians.English voices are everywhere. most of the people we met in the catacombs were English. Well actually thats not true. Most of the people we met in the catacombs were dead. Admittedly they were dead Parisians, but once you are dead then that seems to define your state more than the city you lived in. There were some areas where the remains of those that died in the first riots that led to the revolution. Very moving and interesting to compare the political revolution in France with the English industrial equivalent.  I wonder which has caused more deaths?