How much Bling do you need. Louise the sun king seems to have gone rather over the top. More shiny things than Argos on a bad day. The palace was well worth visiting but I felt disapointed with the gardens. I suppose that Stourhead is the up side of the English climate. Back in Paris, and purely by accident we sat in a coffee shop which turned out to be the building where Voltaire died. Still it was verry good coffee and I had to conclude that “all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds“.

A man who needs feeding.

Later we went in search of Quasimodo. Perhaps you  can imagine where Andrew Lloyd Webber got some ideas for of Phantom of the Oprea. The view from the top is jaw dropping and the gargoyles are absolutly superb.











After that a long train journey to Berlin. I cant explain the sense of travel and excitement I felt when doing somthing that would normally be mundane. Having a shower on a train that is traveling across borders and then walking along the corridoor to your bunk in your dressing gown is an experience to rival to Paris. You can see my working class roots. On such small things the world turns.

Next stop Tracking down the the Stazi files.