Given that we have got lost everywhere we have gone looking for the office to find out about the Stazi files was remarkable.  When we went into the town centre Dieter was clear what stop he wanted to get off the tram. He was equally clear about where he wanted to get breakfast, although to be honest he is always clear about when and where he wants to eat and how he wants to eat it. What is more unusual is that when he asked for directions on how to get to the street where the office was he was told that he was already on that street. The building was only a short way away and we found it immediately. After going in and talking to reception Dieter was told to go into a room just off the main reception area. In there were 3 people having a meeting. When they were leaving the room one of them turned to Dieter and said “what do you want, can I help you ?”  Dieter said that he was here to ask about his Father Stazi files. The woman asked his name. When Dieter said who he was she said “ Not the “Dieter” from England?”. It turned out that she was the very person that he had been in e-mail correspondence with about the files. Dieter said that it was a very productive meeting and she sorted out the things that he needed to do to get access. It appears that they will be able to say wether there are files fairly quickly but, due to the volume of requests and the number of files it could take 3 months to actually get them. Given the confusion of traveling to new areas, the confusion of cities where you don’t yet know your way around, the number of people that work in that particular office it does seem very strange to us both that we went to the right place by accident and then, also by accident, spoke to the only person who knows of Dieter. It would appear that either Dieter’s stomach has a better sense of direction than his head or perhaps some things are just meant to be and these things are now falling into place.