Hans in Berlin Station


What a strange day. A mixture of mundane and sureal.

We have a hotel room on the edge of Berlin. It was originally an fire station. It has some other occupants. As yet we have not met anyone there who is not German on a holiday in Berlin. A  change from the “other nations” make up of the hostel in Paris. The Hotel also markets itself as a Restaurant, and as such has more people turning up in the evenings. All very nice. Clearly it puts us on our best behavior. All of which makes the events of this morning a bit more distressing.

So far our clothing has stood up reasonably well to the travel and the heat. We thought that we would take the opportunity of having a hotel room to ourselves to get up to date with our washing. I didi some last night and, not finding any anchor points to stretch out the washing line I hung the socks and underwear out the 3rd floor window. I know what you are thinking – but you are wrong. The next morning they were still there but not yet dry. Hans then did some of his washing and hung it out to dry on the radiators. This used up all the obvious drying space so I had to be inventive when I washed my shirts and my trousers. The answer to how to get them dry was, with a little creative thinking, obvious. It was difficult to ring all the water out of them so I hung them on the shower rail so that they would drip into the shower tray. A successful strategy until the shower rails (all three of them) decided that gravity had the greater claim to them the the ceiling. I have yet to tell the owners that I have destroyed part of the bathroom. This I will face either at checkout of after a few glasses of wine. At least it will take their mind off the fact that I broke the sink when I washed the clothes.