Later, much much, later we boarded the 00:04 for Budapest. We were booked into a sleeper for 6. when we got into the carriage there were 8 already  in it. We had joined music graduates going on a study trip to Budapest and our carrage was the one they had all collected in. It was grand. The conversations before bedtime were great fun and really interesting. Initially I was worried about two old men letting the side down by snoring and keeping them awake. I had no need. Two of them snored quite badly and the Opera singer had a nightmare. Mind you she did manage a soprano  scream, which was most impressive and must have hit every inherited fear response known to the species. I had a nose bleed and then kept waking myself (and the others) up because I could not breath through my nose.

Budapest though is absolutely georgous. I love it. The people, the buildings and the determination. I fear in another few years it may be Prague.

Update soon including (just for Nay) the busker playing “Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun.