Arrival in Budapest was easy. The station was small and Dieter got a map without too much difficulty. It was sponsored by Burger King (among others) and as a result we were able to navigate from one Burger King outlet to another without difficulty until we reached our hotel.

Burger King 1- Local Culture 0

Budapest is a wonderful place. Some of the buildings are simply stunning.The Danube is beautiful. Much of the city was destroyed in the war. The key buildings have been reconstructed including the Four Seasons Hotel which is magnificent. We both got up for the sunrise on the second morning. It is not a crowded city during the day so sunrise was a rather good time to be wondering around.Lots of walking and a bus tour to get a feel for the geography. The city and its inhabitants filled me with a feeling of contentment

Dieter said that he remembers going to Passau with his father when he was young.The city is built on the joining of 3 major rivers one of which is the Danube. The water in each of the rivers is a different colour. When the three rivers actually join up to form one big river the water in the Danube was more blue than the other 2 rivers.

Why do I love Budapest. Well just look at the photographs. What won’t come across from the photo’s is the openness and helpfulness of the people. We went into the Four Seasons to have a look around. It is POSH. I did wonder if we would be asked to leave as we clearly did not have a room there and were overwhelmingly underdressed. The doorman held the door open for us and we wondered around unmolested. On the way out I asked the doorman about the Hotel. He suggested that I ask the Concierge as he knew all the history, I did and he did know the history and was happy to tell me.

Later, in the Castle area of the city I heard the sound of someone playing a violin. They were playing “ Doe a dear a female deer, ray a drop of golden sun” from the sound of music. Round the next corner was a woman busking. I must confess that she was not very good but when I told her that I was going to see a friend play the female lead in a stage production of the Sound of Music she said “ give her my good lucks”