I cant think of any place better for a day stopover than Venice. We arrived at about 8:30after a rather grim night thanks to Border guards, Hungarian Railways and Slovak delays. Venice was absolutely beautiful. Searingly hot but still beautiful. When we boarded the number 1 water bus we were lucky enough to sit next to a woman from the Netherlands who had lived in Venice. She pointed out the key buildings and told us about the history as we we went up the Grand Canal towards St Marks Square. She said that not many people live in Venice anymore and it is only tourism that is keeping it going. It seems that Tourism is the only industry that is bringing in money. In doing so the price of property increases and locals can’t afford it. It is then given over to rented holiday accommodation

The main areas were crowded but once you got into the backstreets it was quite peaceful.

I am writing this over breakfast in Rome. My mind feels a bit slow this morning. I have just said to Dieter that I cant think of what else to say about Venice. Dieter smiled knowingly. Realising that he would help me through my “writers block” I said “ What would you say about Venice” Dieter looked me straight in the eye and said “Its full of water”.

So there you have it, Venice- its full of water.