We are now on the last leg of the journey. Its a particularly long stretch, starting in Rome and ending in London. Obviously not all in one journey as we have to change trains. We have had to chage trains a lot.
Rome to Madrid
Madrid to Zurich ( through the foothills of the Alps. Fantastic)
Zurich sleeper to Amsterdam I was very comfortable. We had a compartment with its own private shower and WC – I did not even have to walk down the corridor in my dressing gown.

We are now in the high speed train which is rattling along at a fair old speed to Paris. It is stylish and comfortable and I like it a lot.
I will get some additional pictures from this stage of the journey uploaded tomorrow. Meanwhile this stuff is going live curtesy of French Rail.

Our night train from Zurich to Amsterdam (the red one on the left)

Our built in shower


Dieter anticipating food