We finally got in to St Pancras at 20:11. Ben had come to meet us and had drinks waiting for us at the coffee shop. Splendid. As we walked across the platform we passed a group of people. Dieter pointed to one of them and said “ Thats Paul McCartney”. “No its not” said I. “Yes it is” said Diet. “Well if thats Paul McCartney whats happened to his mouth?” I asked. He’s got old” said Diet. Ah yes I thought, we are all going that way. Ben confirmed that it really was Paul and Stella McCartney. She was returning from Paris where she had been exhibiting at the Paris Fashion Week. He presumably was giving fatherly support. I thought it strange that a trip that had started with a brief conversation with Peter Mandleson could end with a brief conversation with Paul McCartney. Bookends I thought. I had no worries with interrupting Mandleson. He is a politician. Given the number of times politicians have interrupted me turning the tables is a pleasure. McCartney on the other hand was a private citizen who was with his daughter. That’s family stuff, private. The voice in my head whispered words of wisdom: let it be.