Well for what seems like weeks in the air we are finally in Kathmandu. Lots of highs and lows on the various flights. We just missed an accident on the M27 on the way to Heathrow. A car overtook us shortly before the motorway ground to a halt. As we edged passed the obstruction we noticed that the car that had been shortened by several feet was the one we had noticed a couple of minutes earlier. Bad luck for them being in an accident. The good luck was that a fire engine was 4 cars behind us and an ambulance was less than half a mile behind. You have to work it out for yourself, was that good luck for them or bad luck?

Anyway the prize for surprises goes to Doha Airport. We had to wait there for hours for a connection. At times like that you tend to look at all the shops  then sit for a while . when you have done that you tend to look at the shop and then sit some more. Yes we really do know how to have fun.

The picture is of the most inappropriate fridge magnet we could find.

What seemed like days later we landed after seeing the Anapurna’s piercing the sky and soaring above hugh pillars of dark storm clouds as we desended to Kathmandu. Nothing, however, prepares you for the traffic in Kathmandu. I had read in the news that there are now 70 Billion people on the planet. 60 billion of them must be driving on the roads in Katmandu. !0 minute drive in the early hours of the morning. Several hours during rush hour. Finallly arrived and dropped off our stuff then a quick walk into the old town before a long long sleep.

Tomorrow we meed our driver and our fixer to see if we can get a feel for Kathmandu before we go off to Annapurna.