As I understand it Buddhism is about peace, understanding, calm and Karma. As I look around me I come to the conclusion that there are no Buddhists in Kathmandu Airport.

We got here at 7:20. It is now 12:00 and our flight had disappeared from the display board. Most of the flights that remain on the board have the word DELAY beside them.

It started well. Our main man ( as apposed to “the” main man) in Kathmandu met us at the Hotel and took us to the airport. There he handed us over to someone else who turned out to be an airport insider. He took our bags through baggage check and sorted out the tickets and passes. Shortly after he briefed us and then took us through security into the departure lounge. He did say that there were often delays caused by the weather. It appears that he was right, there was fog in Pokhara. He is now staffing the departure gate but he occasionally comes over to tell us what is happening. What is happening seems to be nothing and nothing seems to be happening a lot. The latest update is that all may be grounded for another hour.

What is astounding is not that there are delays, but that there are aircraft flying at all. It does not appear to be plane friendly geography. Looking at the books in the various shops we have seen photographs of Pokhara Airport. It looks stunning. Stunning but frightening to land in.

Later – much later we finally got underway.

It is rare that one is allowed into the cabin where the person charged with your safety is ensconced, sounded by dials and instruments. Were lucky. we sat with a view straight over the shoulder of the man charged with transporting us to Pokhara. We left six hours late. The journey of approximately 100 miles was meant to take half an hour. It took another six hours. The picture explains why.

The view over the “pilots” shoulder