Posted retrospectivly

We always new than the technology stuff would be difficult and had anticipated breaks in communication when we were out of range of a phone signal. I bought a mobile phone modem so that as long as we could find some sort of phone signal we could update the blog. Unfortunately phone signals were quite rare once we started gaining altitude. When we eventually got a signal the Apple laptop died.

About 6 weeks ago Apple released a new operating system for their computers. You may (or may not) know that the Apple operating system is famed for its robustness and its trustworthiness. I updated the desktop and the laptop to the new system (which is called “Lion“). Unfortunately the desktop computer crashed and had to go back to Apple for repair. The laptop seemed to be fine. The Laptop however stopped working at about 4000 meters. I should have left the old system on it. It worked perfectly well and was (rather appropriately) called “Snow Leopard“.

Anyway, I have now got a bit of a connection with an internet “cafe” but can’t put pictures up. Once I get the laptop running properly ( could be weeks or could be days) I will update with the “blogs” that have been written with the old and reliable technology of paper and pen.

In order to keep the chronology correct I will edit the post date to reflect the date when the paper Blog was written.

Wish me luck in fixing the Laptop