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Machapuchare Base Camp stood at 3700 Meters. It was a long walk.

It was beginning to get dark as we arrived so we dumped our bags, loaded up with the photo gear and went out. I know that Ram had been carrying this stuff for days but I found it heavy.

We set off to get to the top of the ridge in order to watch the light from the sunset fall on the peaks. I have avoided saying we set out to climb the ridge as it was not very high. The combination of the altitude and the cold however made it difficult. I found that I had to stop for breath every 30 steps or so. Jo as usual seemed unaffected and took it in her stride.

On the ridge, breathless and feeling rather “out of sorts” I watched the snow on some of the highest mountains on earth begin to change colour. White to orange then red before turning a golden yellow as the sun set below the top of Annapurna South at the other end of the valley.

I felt lost, my life put into perspective by the spiritual quality of the experience. This  really was the stuff of dreams.

It does not get better than this I thought.

As the moon rose over  Machapuchare North Col the Universe proved me wrong.