Having by now managed to travel for 3 days without any help from antibiotics my body was getting bored and clearly needed some excitement. My body therefore conspired to take the common cold that Jo has stoically dealt with before selflessly passing it on to me, mix it with some local pollution and manage to come up with a little breathing difficulty in order to make life more interesting. Now I like breathing, I like it a lot. I confess to having taken it for granted, but over the years, I have become particularly fond of it. In fact I might go so far as to say life without breathing is no life at all. Clearly a doctor was needed. The hotel owners wife said that the doctors here may come or they may not come, best go to the hospital as its easier and they will have everything there. I felt a bit of a charlatan because at home I would have gone down to boots and bought some cough medicine and perhaps talked to the pharmacist. Tuk Tuk, and driver sorted we set off. “Very congested, we need to admit him ”they said, “ not sure what it is so we need to do some tests”. Apart from having difficulty breathing I was fine, so no surprises that pulse, blood pressure and temperature were all OK. Xrays were OK but had to wait for blood tests. Meanwhile I was admitted for 24 hours and, with no sense of irony, put in room 101 given a mask oxygen and a Nebuliser, which was wonderful. My lungs started to work properly and the congestion quickly reduced To cut a long story short they wanted to know where I had been and wanted to make sure it was not swine flue. The tests were eventually completed and the all clear given. I was told that I had a common cold and an infection in my throat that was producing nasty stuff that was making breathing difficult. So more antibiotics, an inhaler so that I can self administer if needed. I do believe I have accidentally started researching a book on the Medical Practices in North West India.


The medical care is first class but Number 7 is the interesting one as meanwhile the charges continue and someone has to provide you with food.