About “Tom goes”

Hello – this is Toms travel Blog.

The original plan was to use this Blog to keep in touch with family and friends during a European trip with a friend in September 2011. It proved so much fun however that I kept it going for a further few months during a subsequent trip to Nepal. I had not originally intended to continue the Blog following that trip but a number of people have recently asked me  when will be going on my next trip and when I will start posting again.

Given how much fun it was doing the Blog I did not need much encouragement to resurrect it. I am now using it on an occasional but regular basis as a Blog for trips, for travel and for miscellaneous adventures. You will see that for a 60 year old ex local government officer the bar for adventures is set reassuringly low.


You will see that the Blog has morphed through 3 stages as followes:

1. “Tommy and Hans go to Europe” 

Follow them both as they set off on their adventures. After a painful dose of redundancy Tommy how has some time. Some ex collegues call it “Necessary savings” Others call it “The end of an error”

To find out more about Tommy and Hans click here or click here to go straight to the first Tommy and Hans post by clicking here

2. “Look no Hans”

Hans goes back to Barbara and Tommy marries Jo and sets of for Nepal.

To find out more about Tom and Jo going to Nepal click here

If you want to go straight to the Nepal blog then click here

3. “Tomgoes”

This is the ongoing Blog


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