About -Tommy and Hans go to Europe

Hans (real name Dieter)







Follow them both as they set off on their adventures. After a painful dose of redundancy Tommy how has some time. Some ex collegues call it “Necessary savings” Others call it “The end of an error”

Either way Tommy and Hans went to Europe.

What did Tommy and Hans do next.

Did they:

1. Find  Europe?

2. Find their  lost childhood?

3. Find their lost dentures?

4. Did Hans go home to Barbara and Tommy get married to Jo>

The correct answer is …. well you will have to click here to read the Blog and find out.


5 thoughts on “About -Tommy and Hans go to Europe”

  1. Danny Wyrwoll said:

    You boys are going to get mistaken for a couple!!! I think Hans likes the thought of that mind…..

  2. crawford wright said:

    when will we get an update: some blog! we are all on tenterhooks here wondering if you can even get to france.

  3. Danny Wyrwoll said:

    Two Things Tom:

    1 – What a fantastic Blog! Its been a pleasure reading it and following you. Thank you
    2 – Well done for putting up with dad!

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