About – “Tom and Jo marry and go to Nepal”

The Himalayas has always been a dream destination for us both. For me it was a childhood thing. I can clearly remember reading about the first successful Everest expedition as I was growing up and being fascinated by it. The place names and the descriptions of the people and the climb played games in my mind.

For Jo the experience was more practical. She she has done a lot of climbing (both in the UK and in the Alps) and has always wanted to go to the Himalayas but had not yet done so. We had planned to go to Nepal as part of my 60th birthday celebrations. These plans were given a bit of a push when it became clear that my post in Local Government would end. I was one of those moments. I think it was Yeats who said ” when choice and chance combine” Plans got firmed up, ticket got bought and it became real.

A short while  before Hans and I set off for Europe Jo and I decided to get married. It was a busy time, Europe, Wedding, Nepal. I am sure that it all should have been stressful but it wasn’t at all.

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